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Visual Factory Andon System

Stack Light's wireless Andon system is designed to be easy to configure. Making it simple to implement a visual factory system in your facility. We have everything you need from a remote control Andon light to an advanced system with Bingo boards and desktop displays.

We are standing by to help you design the perfect Andon system for your facility.

Wireless Andon System


  • ·     Wireless Andon Lights
  • ·     Andon Remote Controls
  • ·     Wireless Bingo Board
  • ·     Visual Factory program
  • ·     Overhead Bingo Board
  • ·     Wireless IO
  • ·     Andon Wireless Repeaters

The heart of the system is our RCSL60 Wireless Andon Light. These can be configured to have from one to five colors. They can be controlled with a remote, another light, or the Stack Light Commander visual factory software

The RC-M Andon remote andon control will operate any of our wireless stack lights. The wireless remote units have LEDs that light up to correspond to the Andon Lights paired with them. This is especially helpful when the remotes are not in the line of sight of the devices they control.

You can also order the remotes as a battery-powered version. The battery-powered Andon remote does not have LEDs to conserve power.

The SL-Com Stack Light Commander program allows you to see your facility's status easily. You can view it on an overhead Andon display board or desktop computer. You can show the wireless status lights in two ways.

The Bingo Board option displays the state of the wireless lights. You can change the names and order of the lights as needed. The bingo display is color-coded to match the Andon lights. You can turn the lights on and off from the andon display system.

Bingo Board

The Andon board map option can improve production by providing real-time data for your light system. You can load a drawing of your plant floor or production line into the commander program. This will allow you to monitor the work area at your desk or on a monitor located overhead.

Visual Factory

Maintenance or quality control personnel often use these to alert them to a problem on the shop floor. You can have multiple andon boards and displays for your remote Andon system. These factory visual display boards can increase production and improve quality.

You can control the lights with a PLC or your own switches using our Wireless IO devices. You can configure the RC-IO to have both inputs and outputs. People often use these IO devices on existing machinery to activate a remote Andon light. They can also display when a machine is down on the Stack Light Commander program.

Wireless Andon Status Light System

The wireless Andon system uses a mesh network that extends the range of the system and makes it more robust. The range between any two devices is 125-150 based on the environment. Adding more devices or repeaters can increase the range.

Walls and heavy machinery can limit the range. We will work with you to increase the range by adding wireless repeaters or other devices.

The Mesh network uses a hubless architecture. This means if one unit were to go out or lose signal, the other devices would keep working. When a new device joins the network, the other devices detect the new team member and add the device to the Mesh.

Stack-Light's Wireless tower lights have their network built in. You will not need the facility's Wi-Fi. This makes our system easier to implement and alleviates security concerns. 

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