Wireless Andon Lights

Remote Controlled Stack Lights 

Stack-Light .com carries a large selection of wireless Andon products. There are significant advantages to using a wireless Andon system. Having the tower lights and wireless remote separated can save on wiring and allow maximum flexibility. These systems can be customized in a variety of ways to work for your specific application. We welcome your calls to let us help design the ideal system for you. 

Remote Controlled And on Light


The RCSL60 Wireless Stack Light can be controlled by any of our wireless remotes controls. It can be paired with other wireless lights to work synchronously or can be used to set up multiple independent remote lighting stations. These wireless Andon units can be configured to fit your application. They can be ordered with one to five status light levels. Each unit has a built-in buzzer that can be enabled or disabled.


Remote controlled Andon Unit


The RCSL60C Wireless Andon Light is identical to the RCSl60 unit except it has built-in control buttons that allow it to act as both a Stack Light and remote control for other lights in your wireless  Stack Light system. The buttons all light up to match the status levels located above the control box. 

Stack Light remote control



The RC-M Andon Remote Control will operate any of our wireless lights. These remotes can be set up in a variety of ways to fit your application. One control can operate multiple Stack-Lights and multiple controls can be synchronized to work together. These wireless remote units have buttons that light up to correspond to the active status lights and lights on other remote controls that they are paired to.

Battery Powered Andon Remote Control


The RC-B Stack Light Remote control will operate any of our wireless lights. It operates like the RC-M unit except it uses two AAA batteries for power. The buttons on this unit do not light up to preserve power. The range for all of the remotes is 100 feet or more depending on the environment.

Remote controlled Andon system repeater


The RC-R wireless repeater is used to extend the range of our wireless Andon system. The Stack-Light wireless system uses a robust Mesh network. This means that every unit that is added to the system makes the system more robust and extends its range.  For applications where the wireless status light and a controller are out of range of each other, an RC-R can be added between the two. The wireless repeater will pass commands between the units and extend the range of the entire system.


Wireless Tower Light system

These Wireless Stack lights can be configured specifically for your project.  These systems can be ordered as a kit that includes a single tower light and matching controller or they can be ordered with multiple controllers and tower lights. If the remote controls Stack tower lights are ordered as a package, we will program the controllers to operate the signal lights at our facility. This means all you will need to do is to install the lights and remotes and you are up and running. If you need to add wireless tower lights or controllers at a late date we will be happy to walk you through the programming steps on the phone.


Stack-Light.com's Wireless Tower light system uses a mesh network. This makes our system very robust and makes extending the range easy. If any Wireless unit can communicate with another its messaging will be passed to all the lights in the system. Walls and obstacles can affect range. If you find that you need to extend the range of your system, we make the RC-R wireless repeater.  

At Stack Light.com we pride ourselves on bringing new innovative products to market. We carry a large line of configurable Andon products and are happy to build you a custom signal device. Let us help with your industrial lighting project. Call Now. 


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