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Stack-Light.com carried a  large selection of LED Lights for workstations and assembly stations. We are standing by to assist in your selection of the right light for your application. Give us a call and let us help.

LED Work Lighting  All of our task lights come equipped with very bright lights that employ the latest in LED technology. These lights are energy efficient, super bright, and long-lasting. 

SP3S Flexible neck light lets you direct the light precisely where it is needed most. These lights are great for small intricate jobs or inspection lighting. They can be ordered in 24VDC or 120V AC.  The light has an integrated switch positioned on the top of the lens housing.

ML2 Machine task light. This LED light has an adjustable arm that can be used to direct the light. These machine work lights are ideal for laths, Bridgeport milling machines, saws, and other tools in a workshop. They are IP65 rated to handle wet environments.

ML1 Machine light. This light shares the same lens housing and LED technology. as the ML2 Lights.  These lights can be adjusted to be positioned to illuminate a specific area. Typical uses are Injection molding machine lighting, CNC machinery lights, and general lighting for production environments.

MWL-R These Lights are robust and made for harsh environments. These lights are IP67-rated and can be washed down under high pressure. Lights use high-performance LED technology which makes them bright, energy-efficient and long-lasting.