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Collection: Control Panel Indicator Lights offers a large selection of control panel lighting, buzzers, and LED indicators. These Indication lights are ideal for use on control panels and on industrial machinery. Like all of the products that we carry, these indicator lights can be configured to fit your application. 

The IL-PL series of control panel lights are available in a variety of sizes. They come in five colors. Red, Green, White, Amber, and Blue. They can be ordered with wires already soldered in place. 

Control panel lights 24V

LED Control Panel Lights IL-PL

The IL-SQ Panel Lights have a unique square shape. These status lights come in five colors. They are powered by 24 volts but can be special ordered in different voltages. 

square control panel lights

Square Control Panel Lights IL-SQ

The IL-E series  Indicator lights are made to fit a standard 22mm control panel hole. They come in amber, green, red, white, and blue. They are powered by 24Volts. These indicator lights are easy to install and include built-in wiring terminals.

24V control panel lights

IL-E 22mm Indicator Lights

The IL-BZ indication lights have a built-in buzzer. These are ideal for use on automated equipment or control panels where the operator may walk away from the equipment and might not see a light. These Buzzers come in Red, Green, and amber. They fit a standard 22mm hole for easy installation. 

Buzzer for control panels

The ILTC status lights are unique in that a single LED indicator is capable of turning red, green, or amber. These indicator lights are ideal for use in locations where space is limited or where you are designing a more simplified control cabinet. 

multi colored indicator light is committed to being your control panel lighting vendor of choice. We stock a large selection of LED indicator lights and will continue to add unique status lights to our line-up. Let us help with your next control panel. Call now!

stack lights and tower lights