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Square LED Indicator Lights

Square LED Indicator Lights

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Square LED Pilot Lights

Indicator Light Square 24V


The IL-SQ series Panel Pilot Lights are ideal for control panels and industrial machinery indication lights. These lights are easily viewed from a distance and fit a standard 22mm hole for easy panel mounting applications.

The IL-SQ Pilot lights come in five colors to work for your specific application. The colors are Red, Green, Amber, White, and Blue. Each light is powered by 24V. Other voltages are available upon special request. These pilot lights have screw terminals built in to make wiring easy.

We also offer a two-color circular button that allows for one button to be changed to two separate colors. This is helpful in many custom applications and applications with a need for many separate signals. 

Typical Applications

  • Custom Andon Systems
  • Control Panel Pilot Lights
  • Signal lights for Automated Machinery
  • Small Equipment Status indicator
  • Panel Mount Indication Light

CE Rated

Power 24V DC

20 mA is committed to being your industrial lighting and signal company of choice. We carry a large selection of Andon lights, Andon Systems, Stack Lights, and work lights. We are standing by to assist with your lighting project. Call Now!!

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