Andon Stations

We carry a large variety of Andon Station, Status Light Towers and LED Stack Lights. We can also build custom solutions for your project. Call and Let us help.

Collection: Andon Stations

 LED Andons with Built-in Switches

The SB line of Andon stations is ideal for projects that require manual status lights. These stations are easy to install and do not need a PLC or other control for operation. You can turn the lights on and off using the built-in switches.

You can configure the light systems in various ways to work perfectly for your project. They can have from one to five lights and can include audible alarms. You can activate or disable the buzzers based on your preference.

Each light comes pre-assembled. They use state-of-the-art LEDs that make them bright, long-lasting, and energy-efficient. They plug into a standard 110V outlet and you can mount them with an included bracket or flush to a vertical surface. They are designed to help you get up and running quickly. 

These are often used on production lines and lean manufacturing environments. They can alert management to quality issues and prevent stopping the line. 

These Andon stations are designed and assembled in the USA. This lets us quickly build these to your specifications and assures you excellent support. You can order your Andon station over the phone or configure one online. We also build custom Andons.


Simple Andon System

The three-color Andon Station SBMC50-3P is a simple status light that is manually operated. The tower light on these models is capable of turning three different colors.

These units have a buzzer built in. The buzzer can be disabled with a dip switch. This is a modern-looking status light and a great alternative for retail or office environments.  

The switches that operate the andon light can be connected with a cable so the controls can be located a distance from the light. These can be ordered with a button or a three-position switch. 

Andon Station that Turns 3 colors

Multicolor Andon Station with Switch


The stack light station SBSL60 model is an Andon with a switch that can be ordered with a single color or up to five colors. Each light level activates a specific color and you can rearrange them to suit your project's needs. These include an audible alarm which can be enabled or disabled with a dip switch located inside the light. You can also order these with a cable between the lights and the control. 

SBSL60 And On

Manual Tower Light station


We offer a line of wireless andon lights for projects where the status lights need to be controlled from a longer range. These lights are the perfect tool to help you know the status of your facility in real time. The RC line of lights can be configured in a variety of ways to make it easy to build the perfect system for your application. We can help you design a wireless andon system for your application. 

Wireless Andon System

Wireless Andon Light System carries a large selection of Staus Light Stations. Each model can be configured to fit your application. We can also build a custom unit for your special requirements. Call Now and let us help.

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