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We carry a large variety of Stack Lights, Andon Lights and Work Lights. We can also build custom solutions for your project. Call and Let us help.

Collection: Andon Stations

The SB line of Andon stations is ideal for projects where a manual tower light is needed. These stations are easy to install and do not need a PLC or other control for operation. They are controlled by a worker using the built-in control switches. The stack lights can be configured in many ways. They can have from one to five lights and can include an audible alarm. Each Andon Unit comes pre-assembled and ready to use. Just plug into a 110V outlet and you are up and running. 

All of the Andon Stations are designed and assembled in the USA. This lets us build these to your specifications quickly and assures you get excellent support.

The SBMC50 Andon Station is a simple status light that can be manually operated. The tower light on these models is capable of turning three different colors. These units are ordered with or without a buzzer. The tower light control switch can be located remotely from the control switches. 

Simple Andon System


SBMC50 Manual Andon System

The SBSL60 Models of Andon Stations have from one to five levels of tower lights. Each light level turns a specific color. These Tower light stations can be ordered with or without an audible alarm. 

SBSL60 And On

SBSL60 Manual Tower Light station

We offer a line of wireless And On lights for projects where the status lights need to be controlled from an extended distance. The RC line of lights is configurable to work for your project. Multiple lights can be used with one controller and multiple controllers can be used to control a series of And on lights. We can help you design a wireless status light system for your application. 

Wireless And On Light

Wireless Andon Light System carries a large selection of these stand-alone Andon systems. Each model can be configured to fit your application. We can also build a custom unit for you, in the case that you have special requirements. We are here to help build a system that works for you. Call and let us help!

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