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Andon Station

Andon Station

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Andon with Controls

The SBSL60 line of Andon stations comes pre-assembled and ready to use. Just plug into a 110V outlet and you are up and running. These LED andon systems are often used as warehouse call stations, or to call for assistance in production environments.

Manual Controlled Tower Light

These andon systems use the latest LED technology to ensure the status lights are bright and can be viewed from a long distance. The LEDs have an estimated life of 50,000 hours. 

The standard units can be ordered with up to five colored stack lights. An independent switch controls each light. It is possible to turn on more than one color at a time. These units can be specified to sound a built-in buzzer when the red signal light is on or the audible alarm option can be disabled if it is not needed. The audible can also be tied into any of the light colors for a custom andon solution. It is possible to specify if the lights are steady or flash. For a more modern-looking light with 3 colors in one light, we also offer the SBMC50

Stack-Light Andon stationMulticolor Andon Station

These andon stations come standard with rotary switches but can be ordered with push buttons or lighted push buttons. The lighted pushbuttons offer an advantage over standard rotary switches. The buttons light up to match the corresponding active status light. This provides an extra opportunity for users to notice the signal light. The switches are mounted in a sturdy high-quality polycarbonate enclosure.

 The Andon Station can be easily mounted with an included Andon bracket located on the back of the enclosure or the bracket can be removed so the enclosure can be mounted directly to a flat surface. 

Andon Bracket

Andon Station Drawing

Andon Station Drawing and Specifications

Typical Andon color meanings are listed below. 
  • Green - Everything is running well.
  • Yellow - This signifies that action needs to be taken to prevent a disruption in production.
  • Red - A call for help. production is down or work has stopped.
  • White - Often used to indicate that production is in change-over.
  • Blue - Normally indicates a quality problem has been detected.

The SBSL60 unit can also be ordered as a remote-controlled andon system. This option is great for situations where the lights need to be activated from a distance away from the operator. 

Andon Station 4 levels

These Remote Andon  SBSL60R units have a cable that connects the andon signal lights to the control switches. The cable can be specified to work for your specific project.

For applications that require only three colors and where a more modern-looking andon light is called for, we offer the SBMC50 series of andon light. 

Three Color Andon Light Stations

Three color andon station with rotary switches and optional audible alarm. Fully customizable.

The 3-color Stack Light Station SBMC50 is a unique tower light. The light is capable of turning red, green, or red. It also has an optional audible alarm built-in. These lights are often chosen as office status lights or for retail applications to let customers know that a line is open or a caseworker is available. These are also used as machine signal lights to inform workers of machinery or production status. These can be ordered as stand-alone signal lights or as remote-controlled andon systems

While we carry a wide selection of andon stations, there are times that a project may call for a custom solution. Call us and we will be glad to work with you to design something specific for your project. 

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