At Stack-Light.com we focus exclusively on industrial task lighting and stack lights. Our goal is to provide high-quality products that can be easily configured to fit your specific application. Products come preassembled and most can ship within 24 hours.

Stack Lights have many applications. They can be used as a status light for industrial machinery or as indicator lights for factories. They are often used as andon lights in Lean manufacturing environments and referred to as Andon Lights. We provide high-quality industrial stack lights that are equipped with the latest LED technology. The LED Indicator lights are bright and long-lasting. All lights are equipped with an audible alarm that can be triggered as needed.

  • SL60 - Stack Lights can be ordered up to 5 levels high and configured to fit your application.
  • MC50 - LED Status Lights can turn RED, Green and yellow. Each Light is equipped with a buzzer and State of the art LED.
  • MC60 - Multi-Color Stack lights have can turn RED, Green, and Yellow. They come with a built-in audible alarm and are an attractive addition to any machine or production line.
  • SLM - Tower Lights are made from anodized aluminum and are both durable and elegant. They have a built-in buzzer and can turn Red, Green, and Yellow. 
  • SL30 - Mini Stack Lights are capable of turning Red, Green or Yellow. They have a built-in buzzer and are perfect for smaller machinery.

Task Lights are useful in industry or for home use. They can be installed anywhere that extra light is needed. All of our task lights come equipped with very bright LED Light sources that use the latest LED technology. They can be ordered in 24V or 120V versions.

SP3S has a flexible gooseneck that allows the light to be directed precisely where the light is needed most. These lights are great for intricate task lighting or inspection stations.

BL9 LED Task light is perfect for workstations. It can be ordered in different lengths to fit your specific lighting application.

ML2 Machine work light. Flexible arm task light is ideal for laths, milling machines, and CNC equipment. IP65 Rated for wet environments.

ML1 Machine task light. IP65 rated for machinery lighting. Adjustable pivot for directional lighting.

Most products can ship within 24 Hours.