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Collection: Photo Sensors - PS carries a large variety of miniature photo sensors. These come as Through Beam, Retroflective, and Diffuss models. The detection range and the spot size can be selected making it easy to pick the perfect sensor for your application.

There are three basic types of Photo Sensors. Photo sensors are switches that change state based on the presence of light.

Through Beam Photo Sensor

Through-Beam – A through-Beam system uses two components a Transmitter and a receiver. These are pointed at each other. Light is sent from the transmitter to the receiver. When an object blocks the path of the light, the sensor changes state.

 Retroreflective Photo Sensor

 Retroreflective – Reflective sensors use one component which contains both a transmitter and receiver. Light is sent from the transmitter to a reflector. The light bounces off of the reflector and back to the receiver. When the light path is blocked, the state of the sensor changes.

 Diffuse Photo Sensor

Diffuse – Diffuse photo sensors operate much like a reflective sensor except the light is reflected from any object that the light hits back to the receiver. Diffuse sensors do not require a reflector which is an advantage in some cases. Diffuse photo sensors require more setup time because the reflectivity between objects can vary. 

Spot size – Some sensors are designed to transmit a very small beam of light. This can be an advantage for detecting very small objects. Other Sensors use a larger beam. The larger beam is good for detecting larger objects or objects that are made from a porous material.

The PS line of sensors is made for industrial use. They are IP67-rated and can be washed down. They operate on 12 or 24V DC and come with 2M cables. is here to help you select the perfect sensor. We welcome calls to discuss your project. 

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