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Miniature Through Beam Photo Eye Sensor

Miniature Through Beam Photo Eye Sensor

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PSV-TC Micro Photo Sensor - Through Beam

The PSV-TC and TV through-beam photo sensors are housed in miniature bodys making them ideal for applications where space comes at a premium. These come with an emitter and receiver mounted opposite each other and are often referred to as opposed mode photo sensors.
There are two models. The PSV-TC has the sensors mounted on the front face of the sensor.
The PSV-TM has the emitter and receiver mounted on the sides of the sensor. This can be beneficial when space is very tight. Photo Sensor Side / Normally Open / PNP Miniature Photo Sensor Through Beam - PSV-TC & TM

For both models, the sensor is triggered by the presence of light that is sent from the emitter to the receiver.  This makes through-beam sensors resistant to false readings due to color changes and changes to the glossiness of target objects.

The PSV-TC has a range of 150mm and the PSV-TM has a range of 100mm. The operating voltage is 10 to 30V DC and is equipped with built-in short circuit protection. These can be used in wash-down applications and are IP65-rated. The sensor heads are designed to fit in tight spaces.  The small size protects and adds protection against being bumped and moved out of position. It also protects them from being hit and damaged. 

These photoelectric sensors can be ordered to be wired PNP or NPN and normally open or normally closed switch types can be selected. Mounting hardware is provided. 

Detection Distance PSV-TC = 50mm, PSV-TM = 100mm
Response time <1ms
10-30V DC
2M cable
CE Certification
Consumption Current <10mA Emitter, <12 mA Receiver
Load Current <50mA
Light Source Red Light (625nm)
Short Circuit Protection
Polarity Protection
We are often asked if I should choose a PNP or an NPN sensor. The answer lies in how you plan to wire the sensor. PNP sensors are the most popular type in the USA. However, some applications still use NPN sensors. For a simple explanation of how to wire both versions download the file below. Or you can always call us and we will be glad to help. is here to help with your automation needs we carry a large variety of photo sensors, switches, Andon Lights, and workstation lighting. Let us help you with your project. Call Now. 

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