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Collection: Cable Glands - Cord Grips

Cable Glands and Cord Grips offers a large selection of cable glands. They are made from UL-approved Nylon 66 and are IP 68 rated for protection in wet environments. These cord grips are designed to seal your enclosure from the environment and act as a strain relief. 

These cord grips can be ordered with Metric, NPT, or PG threads. They are sized to work for cables from 3mm to 44 mm or .125" to 1.73". The standard color is Black. Other colors can be specially ordered. 

NPT Cable Glands

PG Cable Glands

Metric Cable Glands

 Cable Gland Specifications

Thread - NPT, PG, Metric

Material-  Nylon 66

Flammability - 94V-2

Seal - NBR, EPDM

Working Temperature - -40C to 100C

Color - Black

Cord Grip size chart

Cable gland cord sizes Downloadable size chart takes pride in exceptional customer service. If you need help selecting a cord grip we are standing by to provide assistance. 


Cord Grip selection help