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Cable Gland - NPT

Cable Gland - NPT

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Cable Size (mm)


NPT Cord Grips and Cable Glands


Cord Grip NPT thread

Our Cable Glands are IP 68 rated for protection in wet environments and designed to seal your enclosure from the environment and act as a strain relief. 

Cord grips are black but can be provided in other colors upon request. also offers Metric and PG-sized cable glands.

PG Cable Glands

Metric Cable Glands


NPT Cord Grip specifications

Thread: NPT

Material: Nylon 66

Flammability: 94V-2


Working Temperature: -40C to 100C

Color: Black


cable gland and cord grip chart

 cable gland chart for size Downloadable Cable Gland Size Chart


Stack-Lights and electrical parts

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