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Collection: LED Traffic Stop Light

LED Stop Lights - TL100 carries a large variety of Traffic Lights. These can be configured with one to three lights. These work great as forklift traffic lights, warehouse intersection lights, and dock traffic lights. They are made to be durable and are IP65-rated for outdoor use. 

 Warehouse Traffic Lights

The single-level traffic light can be built as a red stop light, green start light, or Yellow caution light.

Yellow Caution Light

The lights are modular and can be rotated 90 degrees so they can be used horizontally or vertically.

Horizontal Stop Light

The Stop lights can be ordered as 24V DC versions or 110V AC versions. They have a 30-degree viewing angle. These Traffic stop lights use modern LEDs to be energy efficient, bright, and long-lasting. The LEDs have an estimated life of 100,000 hours. 

The Traffic Lights can be ordered as a stand alone unit or as more advanced systems. 

The TL100 R models have a switch attached to the light to make the system easy to implement. These come in several different models and can be configured for your project. 

TL100-R Plug and Play Traffic Light


The TL100-W Traffic Lights operate with wireless remote controls. They can be configured as a simple remote and traffic stop light or as a more advanced system with software to control and monitor the status of loading docks from your desk. This system uses a Mesh network to be robust and extend the range of all of the wireless units. 

Wireless Red Lights with Remotes

TL100-W Remote Controlled Traffic Lights

We are here to work with you to develop the perfect Traffic Light system for your unique application. Whether that be a simple yellow caution light or a advanced traffic light control system with a Bingo Board and a map showing the staus of the lights at you facility. 

LED Traffic Light Specifications:

24V DC or 110V AC Versions Available

Red Stop Light 4W

Yellow Caution Light 4W

Green Go Light 3W

Material PC

Viewing Angle 30 Deg.

Intensity Red 50CD, Yellow 50CD, Green, 100CD

Estimated Life = 100,000 Hours

Certification: CE, GB14887-2011, ITE, EN12368

 LED Traffic Light Data Sheet

Click for Printable Traffic Light Data Sheet


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