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Remote Stop Light Kit

Remote Stop Light Kit

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Wireless Stop Light Kits

The TL100-1-W Traffic Light is designed to be operated with a wireless remote control. These come fully assembled and are plug-and-play. Additional Controls and lights can be added and programmed to work as teams or individual units. This kit comes with a Traffic Light and a Control to get you up and running quickly.

Traffic Light with Remote 

For Instance, you could use several controls to operate a single light or multiple lights can be controlled by a single control. Multiple teams of lights can work independently and share a single robust mesh network. This gives you the flexibility to design a perfect system for your project. 

Each unit ships with a pre-programmed stationary remote control. These controls have an LED that is synchronized with the traffic light. This makes it easy to see the status of the traffic light when the remote is located in another room or around a corner.  Additional controls can be ordered as needed and paired to work with the kit. 

Wireless Traffic Light Remote Control

RC-M-1 Traffic Light Remote

Battery-powered remotes are also available. These are often used on forklifts to trigger the traffic light and alert pedestrians that the forklift is in the area. The battery-powered versions do not have an LED. This extends the life of the battery. So where possible the remote that can be plugged in is recommended. But for certain cases the battery version can be the perfect solution. 

Battery Powered Traffic Light Remote RC-B-1 Battery Powered Remote

For Loading dock lighting applications. The RC-COM software can be a great choice. It makes it possible to control the lights from a desk and to see the status of the docks on a large screen hung above the docking area. You can load your drawing into the program and see the status of each dock on a map or on a bingo board. 


Dock Status Light Software RC-COM 

Each Unit in the system has a 100-150 ft range & uses a Mesh Network to pass signals between the devices.  This makes the system as a whole more robust & increases its range. Repeaters, Traffic Lights, and Controls act as nodes to find the best path for the signal to be passed between devices. If one node goes down the path is rebuilt and the system continues working.

Traffic Signal Lights with Mesh Network

The TL100-1 traffic lights can be ordered in Green Red or Yellow.  The Red lights can be used to warn of oncoming traffic or to direct vehicles to stop. The yellow lights are often used as caution lights to warn of danger in an area.

caution lights

Typical Applications:

Yellow Caution Signal Lights

Pedestrian Walkway Safety Lights

Forklift Caution lights

Guard Shack Stop Lights

The LED housings can be configured vertically or horizontally. The LEDs are modular making them easy to replace.

Horizontal red light


The lights come with adjustable brackets so the light can be directed as needed. 

Red Light with adjustable brackets


These can be ordered in one, two, or three light versions. They are all assembled here in the USA making it easy to customize the lights to work best for you. 

Trafic Light specifications

Traffic Signal Light Drawing carries a variety of Andon Stations, Signal lights, and LED Traffic Lights.  We are standing by to talk to you about your project. Call us now! We love to help.

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