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Wireless Battery Powered Controller RC-B

Wireless Battery Powered Controller RC-B

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The RC-B controller is powered by two AAA batteries. It is designed to be portable and is often used on forklifts to trigger the Wireless Anon Lights. These controllers can be ordered with one to five buttons. 

Battery powered wireless status light controller

The RC-B controller is perfect for applications where 110V power is not available or where the controller needs to be mobile. This controller has a range of 100 feet in most applications. Walls, ceilings, and machinery can affect the range. To extend battery life, the buttons on the RC-B controller do not light up like the buttons on the RC-M controllers. 

For applications where the wireless stack-light controller can be stationary, the RC-M remote is recommended. This controller is powered by a standard 110V plug and has lighted buttons that correspond to the status of the Tower light or lights that it operates. 


Both controllers can operate's wireless line of lights. Each controller can operate multiple lights and each system can have multiple controllers. This makes our wireless tower light system versatile and gives you the ability to configure the perfect system for your application. 

The RC-B battery version can be used in the same system as the RC-M controller. They can be mixed and matched to fit your application.

The range of both remote controllers can be extended with the use of the RC-R repeater unit.'s wireless status light system uses a mesh network. The mesh architecture provides a superior range and robustness to our system. If any component in the system can reach another component that is connected then its messaging will be passed along. 

Most applications will not require a repeater. But having this option gives you the ability to extend the range of your system long distances and around walls and obstructions. 

Stack Light wireless specifications Stack Light Wireless Specifications 

All of the Stack Light Wireless products use a Mess Network to pass signals from one device to the next. The Mesh Network helps extend the range of the products and makes the Wireless Andon System more robust. 

Wireless Andon System

Our system does not use a hub. This is an improvement from older hub-based wireless systems. In hub-based systems, if the master unit fails the other devices will also fail. In our system, each device can act as a messenger to the next device. This means that if one device fails that the other devices will continue to work. is committed to innovation. The RC line of lights and controllers provides an advanced wireless Staus light solution.  We are standing by to answer questions and help you configure your Lighting system. Call now for assistance.


Wireless Andon light experts


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