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Wireless Stack-Light Repeater RC-R

Wireless Stack-Light Repeater RC-R

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Wireless Status Light Repeater

The RC-R Wireless Stack light repeater is used to extend the range of our wireless lighting system. Our RC lights use a mesh network which makes the system more robust. They can work within 150 feet of each other and under moist conditions can work further. In some cases, there can be walls or equipment that interfere with the wireless signal. Adding an RC-R signal repeater will extend the reach of the lights and remote controls.

The Stack Light Wireless system uses a Mesh network to extend the signal of the devices. Each device works as a repeater and messages are passed from device to device. Unlike some wireless systems, our system does not use a hub. If one device fails the other devices will continue to work. In a hub-based system if the hub stops working the entire network goes down.

Wireless Andon Mesh Network carries a wide selection of wireless status lights and controls that can be configured to fit your particular application. 

The RCSL60 Remote controllable signal lights can be built with one to five lights. They have a built-in buzzer that can be enabled. These status lights are powered by a standard 110V outlet. You can build a system that includes multiple RCSL60 lights that can be controlled remotely using single or multiple controllers. 

3 level wireless remote stack light

RCSL60 Remote Controlled Stack Light


For applications where controls need to be built into the wireless lights, we offer the RCL60C version. This light can control itself and other lights in it's team. One advantage of this version is that it can eliminate the need for an additional independent remote control. 

RCSL60C Wireless Stack Light with Built-in Control

 We offer two different versions of our wireless stack light controls. The RC-M version is powered by a 110V and the RC-B version uses two AAA batteries. Both units can be mixed and matched with any of the wireless status lights or controllers in our RC lineup. 

The RC-M control has LEDs. The lighted buttons are lit or not lit to correspond to the condition of the wireless light that it controls. This gives this remote control the advantage of acting as an additional status light. 

RC-M Remote Stack Light Controller

The RC-B remote control is battery-powered. It can be portable. To conserve power, the RC-B version does not have LEDs. 

battery powered Andon wireless remote

RC-B Wireless Stack Light Control


Wireless Stack Light Documentation's Wireless Tower Lights can be configured specifically for your application. The lights and controls can be combined to build a unique system. Let us help with your project. We are standing by. Call now.



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