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Wireless Andon Repeater

Wireless Andon Repeater

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Wireless Mesh Network Repeater

The RC-R repeater extends the range of Stack Light's wireless Andon system. These lights use a mesh network which makes the system more reliable.

The normal range is 125-150 feet between any two devices. Walls or equipment can limit the wireless signal. Adding a repeater is one way to extend the range and fill gaps in coverage.

Unlike some wireless systems, our system does not use a hub. If one device fails the other devices will continue to work. In a hub-based system if the hub stops working the entire network goes down.

Wireless Andon Mesh Network

With the exception of the battery-powered remote, all our wireless stack lights act as repeaters. Adding another wireless remote or stack light to the system might be a better choice than a repeater. if you could benefit from having another light or remote, you might choose that option rather than a repeater. But if you only need to extend the range a repetor can be the best choice.


Wireless Andon with Desktop Control


We are standing by to help you build your Andon Display system. We can help with a remote control andon light or an advanced visual factory system.

Call now and let us be a part of your success.

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