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Visual Factory Computer

Visual Factory Computer

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Map Module


Visual Factory Software with Computer

The RC-PC is a turn-key Andon monitoring system. It includes a computer, monitor, and wireless keyboard and mouse. The SL-COM wireless gateway and Andon software come preinstalled.

This Andon display system makes it easy to control and monitor your manufacturing environment in real-time. You can control and make changes to your visual factory signage and wireless stack lights right from your desk.

Visual Factory Computer

Andon System for Lean Manufacturing

The Stack Light Commander software can show the status of your plant floor in two ways. The Bingo Board screen is a traditional way to provide factory visualization.

Andon System with Bingo Board

Color-coded buttons display the status of the wireless Andon system. You can move the buttons around and name them to fit your unique project.

The desktop monitor will update when a light turns on. The system is Bidirectional. You can activate the lights from the software or the wireless Andon remote controls. Multiple visual factory boards can be used at the same time.

Andon System with Plant Layout

You can add the Map module to monitor your manufacturing process. This module allows you to display the Andon lights as they relate to your plant floor. Team members can quickly see the status of the shop floor or assembly line and respond to production quality issues. This real-time information increases productivity and eliminates wasted time identifying the location of problems.

Overhead Andon Production System

You can add additional Andon boards as needed. These can be displayed on overhead monitors to improve communication throughout the factory floor. These visual cues improve the production process and quality control.

Wireless Andon System

Wireless Andon and Stack Lights

You can configure our wireless Andon light system for your unique project. We carry a large selection of Andon Lights with remotes. You can also control the Andons wirelessly with a PLC or your switches.

Mesh Networked Andon System

Mesh Networked Factory Visual Display Boards

The Andon system software and remote Andon system use a mesh network to be robust and reliable. The range is 125 to 150 feet between any two devices. You can extend the wireless range with repeaters or our other wireless devices.

The network works independently of your company's Wi-fi. This makes the andon system implementation simpler and more secure.

The wireless stack lights can form independent teams and share the same mesh network. We recommend a limit of 30 devices on any one network. However multiple networks can run in the same facility.

Computer / Monitor specifications:

Industrial Mini Computer

Intel i3 6157U

Dual Lan Ethernet

8 USB ports


27 Inch monitor, 100hz, 1ms, 2(2) HDMI ports, Built-in Speakers. is standing by to help design a wireless Andon communication system for your facility. Give us a call. We love to Help!


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