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We carry a large variety of Control Boxes and Push Button Enclosures. We can also build custom solutions for your project. Call and Let us help.

Collection: Push Button Enclosures

Push Button switches and Control Stations


Custom Control Boxes carries a large variety of electrical switch boxes and enclosures. You can order them with switches or push buttons. The standard button hole size is 22mm.

We can also build a push-button control box for your specific application. For instance, you might need a control box with a combination of push button switches, rotary switches, and a keyed switch. We could build this to your specifications.

Push Button Enclosures

Push Button Control Boxes

 The CB-P-B versions have built-in Push button switches. These come with one normally open and one normally closed contactor. The buttons can be latching or momentary. They can also have lights built into the buttons. The buttons are built to be durable and impact-resistant. they are rated for one million cycles. 

Control Box with Built in selector switch

Selector Switch Control Boxes

The CB-P-S Control Boxes have rotary switches built into the enclosure. Each switch has a normally open and normally closed contact. Other contact arrangements are available upon request. You can order these electrical boxes with one to five switches. 

22mm Enclosures

Push Button Enclosures

You can order the control boxes as stand-alone units to use with your switches.  You can order the rotary switches and push-button switches separately or preassembled into a push-button control station. We also offer cable glands in various sizes.

Emergency Stop Box

The CB-ES emergency stop control is preassembled. They come with two NO Contacts. Turn the 40mm mushroom head disengages with a 1/4 turn. carries a large variety of switches, Electrical Enclosures, and preassembled push button stations. Call us and let us help with your project 

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