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ESTOP Control

ESTOP Control

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Emergency Stop Button

The CB-ES Emergency Stop comes pre-assembled and ready to wire. These are ideal for shutting off machinery or automated equipment. ESTOP Control

This unit uses the ES-MB push button Estop. The switch has two normally open contacts. The push button has a 40mm head making it easy to push. The emergency stop is released with a slight clockwise turn. 

Ui 600V lth 10A

120V 6A

240V 3A

CE Rated

Push Button Emergency Stop Switch

These Switches can be ordered separately for use on your equipment or we can build a custom control box for your unique application. 

The emergency stop boxes come with a plastic label already installed. This makes the stop button easy to spot when you need to get to it quickly. 

Emergency Stop Labels

We also offer cable glands and that can be purchased separately. These come in a variety of sizes to fit your specific cable. 

Stack-Light offers a large selection of switches, work lights, and Andon stations. We love to help. Call Now.

Control Boxes with built in switches

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