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Electrical Switches for Industrial Equipment

Stack-Light carries a large selection of switches.  These vary from keyed switches to smaller push button switches. They are offered in latching and momentary versions and many can be configured with contacts to match your application.

Industrial Switches

The SW22 Push Button switches come in latching and non-latching versions. They can be ordered with a combination of Normally open and Normally closed contactors. They can also be lit with a built-in LED. 

The SW12 Electric Switches are 12 mm. They can be ordered in 5 different colors and can be latching or momentary. 

The A2K switch is keyed. It fits in a 22mm hole. It is a great solution for applications where control needs to be maintained over a piece of equipment. 

Keyed Switch

The FSM1 Foot-operated switch is made for hands-free applications. The switch is housed in a steel enclosure. The top of the switch has a nonslip surface and the bottom has rubber feet. The cord is 3 feet long. 

These switches or used for a variety of applications in industry and at home. Typical applications are Sewing Machine foot pedal, Drill foot switches, textile machinery, presses switches, punching machines, spot welding machines, and many other applications.

Foot Pedal switch

 Stack-Light.com offers a variety of industrial switches and lights. We would love to help with your application. Call now!

Industrial Lights and Switches