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Momentary Push Button Switch

Momentary Push Button Switch

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Lighted Button


Momentary - Lighted Push Button Switch

Momentary Push Button Switch with Light 

The SW-P22M Push Button Switch can be configured to work for your application. These are momentary switches. They can be ordered with normally open or normally closed contacts and with or without lighted buttons. A metal ring surrounding the button adds to its durability. 


Thermal Current Ith 10A 50/60HZ

Insulation Voltage Ui 600V

Enclosed Thermal Current Ith 10A

Short Circuit Current 1000A

AC- 120V 6A

AC- 240V 3A

AC-480V 1.5A

AC-600V 1.2A

DC-120V 2.2A

DC-240V 6A

DC-480V .4A

Ambient Temperature: -20 C to 60C

Contact Resistance 50m Ohm ( initial)

IP 65

UL Approved #E247577

Button Life - 1 Million operations

Contact Block Life - 1 Million operations


 SWP22N NO / NC Contact Blocks

Normally Closed Contact 

The SWP22 switches have interchangeable contactors. They can be specified as normally open or normally closed. They snap onto the switch making installation easy. 

SWBA9S Indicator LED

Ba9s LED green

The buttons for these switches can be ordered with a BA9s SMD LED bulb. These bulbs are long-lasting and energy-efficient.  The bulbs have an expected life of 30,000 hours. They come in 24V or 110V versions. The bulbs come in five colors. 

Lamp Holder BA9s 

Ba9s Lamp Holder

The SWLH Lamp Holder is made to accommodate the SWBA9S LEDs. The lamp holder along with the Button LEDs can be ordered separately or with the switch. They are made to easily snap onto either the Latching switches or Momentary Switches. 

SWP22L- Latching 22mm Push Button Switch

22mm push button with light

The SWP22 line of switches also comes in a Latching version. The Latching model uses the same type of contactors and LED lights as the latching switch. Both switches can be configured on our website. is here to help with the selection of switches or industrial lighting. Give us a call.

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