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BA9S Lamp Holder

BA9S Lamp Holder

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Lamp Holder for Lighted Electrical Switch

The SWP22LH Lamp holder is made to hold a BaS9 Indicator light. These lamp holders are made to work with SWP22 switches and can hold a 110V or 120V lamp. 

LED Lamp Holder for BAS9 lights

The SWP22LH snaps onto the SWP22 switches. They can be ordered and installed on the switch or can be added later as needed. 

Latching switch 22mm NO/NC with light

SWP22L Latching Switch 22mm


22mm momentary switch with NO/NC contacts

SWP22M Momentary Switch 22mm


Ba9s led small lights

BAS9 LED Light is standing by ready to help with your application. We have experts ready to help with the selection of Andon systems, Industrial lighting, and custom applications. Give us a call!

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