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Foot Pedal Switch - FSM1

Foot Pedal Switch - FSM1

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Foot Switch Momentary

Foot switch

The FSM1 Foot-operated switch is made for hands-free applications. The switch is housed in a steel enclosure. The top of the switch has a nonslip surface and the bottom has rubber feet. The cord is 3 feet long. 

These switches or used for a variety of applications in industry and at home. Typical applications are Sewing Machine foot pedal, Drill footswitch, textile machinery, presses switch, punching machines, spot welding machines, and many other applications.


Rating: 10A 250VAC 

Contact: Momentary 

Cord - 3 feet Long PVC

Housing material -  Steel

Foot switch drawing offers a wide range of And On Lights, Task Lights, and switches. We are here to help with your project and welcome your call. 

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