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Stop Light with Control

Stop Light with Control

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Traffic Lights with Switches

The TL100-1-R Traffic Light comes ready to use right out of the box. Just mount it and plug it in. These are plug-and-play.

red light with controls

The TL100 lights have controls prewired that make them ideal for traffic gate guard shacks or to protect pedestrians from forklifts at crosswalks.

The TL100-1 can be ordered in Green Red or Yellow.  The Red lights can be used to stop traffic, the Green Lights can direct personnel to go and the yellow lights can be used as a caution light.

caution lights


The cord between the light and control is 6 feet but other lengths are available upon request. 


Traffic Light Control Box


These signal lights come with either push-button or rotary switches. The push button switches are pushed once to turn the light on and a 2nd time to turn the light off.  Lighted push buttons are available for applications where the control is located out of the line of sight of the traffic light. This makes it easy to know the state of the traffic light from a remote location

Typical Applications:

Yellow Caution Lights

Pedestrian Safety Lights

Forklift warning lights

Guard Shack Sto Lights

The LED housings can be assembled so the lights can be mounted vertically or horizontally. The LEDs are modular and can be easily repaced.

Horizontal red light


The lights come with adjustable brackets so the light can be pointed where you need it.

Red Light with adjustable brackets


These can be ordered in one, two, or three light versions. They are all assembled here in the USA making it easy to customize the lights to work best for you. 

Trafic Light specifications

Click to Download the Traffic Signal Light Drawing carries a variety of Andon Stations, Signal lights, and LED Traffic Lights.  We are standing by to talk to you about your project. Call us now! We love to help.

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