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LED Stop Lights

LED Stop Lights

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Loading Dock Traffic Light

red green traffic light

The TL-100-2 is a two-color LED stoplight. It is perfect for use in warehouses,  manufacturing environments, or shipping docks. These use state-of-the-art LEDs to be bright, energy-efficient, and long-lasting.

 These stoplights are normally red and green but other combinations are available upon request. For instance, the Red LED could be exchanged for a Yellow one. 

Typical applications:

  • Loading dock stop lights to signal trucks to stop-go.
  • Forklift traffic lights for pedestrian walkways. 
  • Guard shack lights to direct traffic
  • Pedestrian walkway Signal Lights

These stop light housings can be rotated 90 degrees for cases where you may want to mount the light horizontally. 

horizontal traffic light

The LED signal lights are built with modern LED technology for long life. They have an expected life of 100,000 hours. The LEDs are modular and can be easily replaced.  Installation is simple and all models are equipped with brackets that can be adjusted to rotate the light where it will be most visible. The lights can be installed inside our outside and are IP65-rated. 


24VDc or 110V AC

Red Light 4W

Yellow Light 4W

Green Light 3W

Material PC


Viewing Angle 30 degrees

Light Intensity Red, 50CD, Yellow, 50CD, Green 100CD

Estimated life 100,000 Hours

Certification: CE, GB14887-2011, ITE, EN12368

Traffic Light drawing

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