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Transparent Object Photo Sensor -

Transparent Object Photo Sensor -

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PSE Photo Sensors ( Transparent Object Detection)

The PSE sensors are designed to detect transparent objects. This special sensor is easy to set up. It is accurate, fast and IP67 rated for wash-down applications. These are perfect for sensing glass, clear plastic objects, or transparent film. 

There are two models to choose from. The PSE-GM has a longer range of 2M and is a good choice for most objects. The PSE-GC is better for smaller objects and has a range of 500mm. These sensors use a reflector, which is provided. 

These can be switched between normally open and normally closed and can be ordered as NPN or PNP models Mounting Screws and nuts are provided. The operating voltage is 10 to 30V DC. Short circuit, polarity, and overload protection are built in. 

Detect the presence of transparent film.  

Detection of transparent bottles or plastic containers.

Detection of clear labels

Programing Detection Distance

Setting the sensor up is quick and easy. The sensor is taught the distance to the object being detected. Press the yellow button for 2-5 seconds with the product facing the reflector. Once the green and yellow lights start to flash, release the button. If the lights flash slowly, this indicates that the setting failed and should be repeated.

Programming NO/NC

Press the button for 5-8 seconds. When the yellow and green lights flash very quickly, the change between NO and NC has been programmed. 


Detection Distance PSE-GM = 2M, PSE-GC = 500mm
10-30V DC
2M cable
CE Certification
Response Time < .5ms
Consumption Current <25mA
Load Current <200mA
Light Source Blue Light (460nm)
Short Circuit Protection
Polarity Protection

Photo Sensor for Transparent Objects

Determining whether to select a PNP or an NPN sensor is a matter of how the sensor will be wired. PNP sensors are the most popular in the USA. However, NPN sensors are often used as well. For a simple explanation of how to wire both versions download the file below. Feel free to call us and we will be glad to help. is here to help with your automation needs we carry a large variety of photo sensors, switches, Andon Lights, and workstation lighting. We are happy to help you with your project. Call Now. 

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