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LED Status Light

LED Status Light

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Buzz When Red


Manual Controlled Signal Light

The SBD50 Tower light is a plug-and-play manually controlled stack light. This unit comes with a 6-foot cord between the light and control box. These lights are ideal for office cubicles or industrial workstations. They are ready to use out of the box. 

These Lights come with an optional buzzer. If the buzzer is ordered with the light an audible alarm will sound when the red light is on. This audible alarm can be turned on located in the light.

Plug and Play Desk Status Light

Cubical status light

The SBD50 can be ordered with the optional SLD-100 bracket to make it easy to attach these lights to a cubical divider or a tabletop. This bracket makes the light more portable since it can be quickly removed by loosening the clamping screw and simply moved to a new location. 

Status Light with L Bracket and Controls

Tower Light with controls- SBD

The SBD50-B version is the standard SBD50 light. Attaching this light with the mounting bracket is as simple as screwing it into a vertical surface.
These come with a standard six-foot cable between the lights and controls.  We can build these with longer cords and even longer poles. is committed to supplying innovative Andon solutions and lighting to the industry. If you have a lighting application, let us help. We often build custom solutions and welcome an opportunity to work with you on your project. Call Now!!

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