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Stack Light Station

Stack Light Station

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Buzz when Red
Flash when red


LED Tower Light with Switch 

status light for production

The SBSL60-3P has three lights that use a selector switch to choose the active color. These lights only come in a standard red, yellow, and green combination. All lights come fully assembled. They have a 6-foot power cord and are plug-and-play.

All Lights come with a built-in 85dB audible alarm. The buzzer can be enabled or disabled. The red light can flash or be steady. These settings are configured with dip switches built into the lights. This makes it easy to change how the tower lights function.

The lights come with an industrial strength bracket that is used for mounting. The bracket can be removed and the control box can be mounted to a vertical surface. 

The standard pole is 14.75 Inches. The pole can be made longer to fit your applications upon request. Poles can be up to 66 inches long and we have a line of lights that use a cable to separate the stack light from the control box. 

Andon Bracket

There is a 2nd version of the selector switch Andon Station. The SBMC50-3P has all of the same features but uses a multicolored light. It uses a light that can turn red, yellow, or green according to which position the switch is turned to. These lights are often used in offices or stores where a more modern less industrial look is needed.

Andon station with selector switch

Three Colored Andon with Switches offers a variety of Andon stations, stack lights, and industrial work lights. We can build a custom solution for your application. Call and let us help.


Andon Stations with switches

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