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Flexible Magnetic Base Work light

Flexible Magnetic Base Work light

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SP3S-BM Magnetic Work Light

The SP3S-BM Flexible work light has a magnetic base so the light can easily be moved to different locations and held in place with a powerful magnet. The magnet is strong enough to hold the light securely in place when attached to a steel surface. 
Magnetic LED Task Lights
The light can be removed by tilting the base slightly to break the magnetic free. These Flexible arm lights are great for jobs where the light needs to be relocated from time to time. These are IP65 Rated for washdown applications. 

The lights have a switch on the rear of the lights head to make it easy to turn them on and off.

 Flexible work light with on/off switch

All of the SP3S lights are built using the latest LED technology. This makes these flexible lights long-lasting, bright, and highly efficient. So you get a bright light that uses very little energy. All of these task lights are rugged. The light has an aluminum housing for durability.  

The ML-BR-1 Bracket can be used to mount these to a vertical surface. 

Flexible Light Bracket


Lumens 320LM

Cord Length: 11 feet

Beam Angle 40 Degrees

Power 4.5 Watts

Rating IP 65

Materials Aluminum, Tempered Glass

Estimated Life - 50,000 hours

Typical Lighting Applications

  • Repair station lighting
  • Auto repair lighting
  • Machine shop lighting
  • metal cutting lighting
  • Lab LED lighting
  • Inspection Lights
  • Milling machine Lighting
  • Chop Saw Lighting
  • Sewing machine lighting
  • Auto Repair lights
  • Assembly station lights

Gooseneck light drawing and specification sheetSP3S-BM magnetic machine light specifications


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