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Wireless Transmitter with I/O - RC-IO

Wireless Transmitter with I/O - RC-IO

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Wireless Inputs and Outputs

Wireless PLCThe RC-IO  Wireless Transmitter is the perfect way to quickly and easily integrate an RC-SL60 stack light into a PLC system or to control your own devices wirelessly. 

This Wireless module can be used to control any of the wireless status lights made by The RC-IO can control 5 color lights as well as a buzzer. These are often used on existing machinery that needs to control a light remotely from the machine. For instance, you could have a CNC machine with a stack light on the machine and another light located in a maintenance or manager's office. If the Andon light on the CNC machine goes on, the light in the other room will turn on. 

The RC-IO was originally designed to control Our lights. But is useful in controlling other devices. The wireless unit has built-in relays that are rated for 40mA. For more powerful devices the RC-IO device can power a relay to isolate power. 

The normal range for wireless products is 100-125 feet. This range can be affected by walls and other obstacles. To extend the range uses a Mesh system. This means that the messaging can be passed between devices to extend the range. All of the Stack-Light Wireless products can act as a repeater except for the battery-powered Andon controller.  The Mesh system not only extends the range but also makes the Wireless Andon System more robust. 

Wireless Andon Mesh

The Mesh Network works independently of a facility's Wi-fi. This makes it easy to install this system without the need to involve the IT department.  We will work with you to design a system that is perfect for your application. The Wireless system will be programmed for you at our facility so that it is plug-and-play out of the box. The system can be reprogrammed in the future.  We are here to provide support if needed. is committed to delivering new and exciting products to our customers.  These Wireless Transmitters have been used for devices other than lights. If you have a unique application this may be the perfect solution. We have had customers request a way to control their Andons wirelessly through a PLC or dry contact switches. The RC-IO unit is our answer to that request. 

Wireless Documentation

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Fixture Operating Specifications

  24V Battery
Power supply voltage 108-132VAC 3-5.5VDC
Input power < 1W < 350mW (active)
< 15uW (sleep)
Operating Temperature -20 to 65C 0 to 40C
Interface Board Specs
Input Specifications
No. of Inputs 6 5
Input Voltage Range 21-28VDC 3-5.5VDC
Output Specifications
No. of outputs 6 5
Output voltage range 0-60V 0-60V
Output current max 400mA 400mA
Radio Specification
Operating Frequency ISM 2.4 – 2.4835 GHz
FCC Approval United States (FCC Part 15.247)
Range (indoor) Up to 90m (300 ft)
Range (outdoor line of site) Up to 3200m (2 mi)
RF transmit power max 79 mW (+19 dBm)
BLE transmit power 6.3 mW (+8 dBm)


We are always happy to help select or design an Andon system for your application. Call us and let us help with your project. 


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