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Wireless Andon with IO

Wireless Andon with IO

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Wireless Stack Light with Inputs and Outputs

Remote Andon with I/0

The RC-SL60-IO Andon Lights are unique in that they can be controlled by a PLC or switch. They can also control other wireless lights or devices that are teamed with them. They have 6 inputs that are accessed Through the supplied M12 Micro cable or through a 110V outlet. When the inputs are activated, they will turn on the corresponding light and other lights or devices that share the same output wirelessly.  This Wireless Andon unit can have 5 colors of lights. A buzzer is built into every unit. The buzzer can be enabled if needed. 

For example, The RC-SL60-IO could have its inputs tied to a PLC or switch that activates its light and also activates other lights located in other rooms. This light could be attached to the output on a machine so that when a problem caused an alert, the light would turn red and lights in other locations could also turn red. These units could also control our RC-COM unit which would enable the light to display the status of machinery on a bingo board or an office computer. 

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These units could be teamed with other Stack-Light RC-IO devices and trigger equipment not built by us. The wireless unit has built-in relays. The relays are rated for 40mA which is adequate to power our stack lights. Larger electro-mechanical devices that pull more current can be controlled through isolated relays. 

These Lights include a M12 cord set that is 2 meters long. Longer cables can be ordered separately. 

The range for wireless devices is 100-125 feet. Walls and other obstacles can interfere with the signal and reduce the range.  Larger distances are achievable using repeaters or other wireless devices. This system uses a mesh network. This means that the messaging is passed between devices and each additional device extends the range and makes the network stronger.  

Wireless Andon Mesh

The system uses its wireless network and acts independently of your facilities' Wi-Fi. This makes it easier to install and can reduce the need to involve other departments in the installation. is committed to delivering new and exciting products to our customers.  This line of remotely controlled lights and wireless IO was developed as a response to the needs of our customers.  We are here to help with your project. Call now and let us help. 

Remote IO Schematic

Stack Light Wireless System


Wireless Andon Systems

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