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Wireless Andon Station

Wireless Andon Station

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Wireless Stack Lights 

The RC line of wireless Andon lights is the ideal choice for projects where the tower lights need to be located a distance away from the controller.  In typical conditions, the Tower Lights can be triggered with the remote over 100 feet away. This makes these remote Andon Systems easy to install and flexible. 

These remotely controlled status lights can be specified to have from one to five colored lights. They can sound an audible alarm or not and can be ordered with the red signal light to flash or not. 

 Stack-Light's wireless lights can be configured in many different ways to build the perfect lighting system for your application. This system uses a mesh network which makes the system more robust and increases its range.

Using a Mesh Network for communications adds to the robustness and extends the range of the wireless Andon system. 

Wireless Andon System Network

Messaging is passed between the devices and finds the most efficient and reliable path. If one device were to stop working the mesh would self-heal and the remaining devices will continue to work. This is a big advantage over hub-based systems. In a hub-based system if the hub stops working the other devices will stop working as well. 

The RC line of Stack-lights uses its own built-in wifi. This system works independently of your existing WiFi. This simplifies installation and makes the system more secure.

The RCSL60 version does not have buttons on the front. These are to be used in locations where one-way communication is all that is needed. This and all the other lights can be ordered with one to five lights. They all have an audible alarm that can be activated or not. 

The RCSL60C has both lights and controls. The buttons on the front can control itself and other Wireless Andon units. These are often used as a pair. The buttons on one light can be pushed turning on both lights to tell an operator to perform a task. Once the task is complete, the second Andon lights buttons can be pushed to turn both lights off. The lights would stay synchronized. 

There are two stack-light control options. The RC-M controller is powered by a standard 110V outlet. This is the best choice for most applications. These units have LED's on the cover that are synchronized with the Andons Stations that they control. 

Battery Powered Andon Control

The RC-B controller is battery-powered. These are used in cases where power is not available or the unit needs to be moved from time to time. These units go into sleep mode to preserve the battery which prevents them from acting as a repeater. Once they go to sleep one push of a button reawakens them and they send a message to the Mesh network instructing an Andon light to turn on, then go back to sleep. They do not have indicator lights. 

Each Controller is capable of controlling multiple wireless stack lights. An example of this would be a system where an RC-M controller would activate the signal light on wireless stack lights located throughout your facility. You might have a stack light located in a warehouse another located in an office and a third located in a maintenance office. An RC-M wireless controller button could be pushed and the desired light would be activated on all of the stack lights. Since the RC-M controller has lighted buttons you will see the state of all of the lights on the controller. Additional RC-M controllers can be added to this system.

Andon Mesh Network

The Mesh Network used in our wireless system has many advantages. Each device adds to the strength and range of the network. The range of a system with just two wireless devices is around 100 feet. Adding more Wireless units to the system can extend the range. As long as any two Wireless Andon units in the system are within range of each other the messaging can be passed along from one unit to the next.

You can team the units so that they operate independently of other Stacklights while they all share the same Mesh Network. This makes our wireless Andon System

Typically the tower lights and wireless controllers are ordered together as a system. If the tower lights and remotes are ordered at the same time, we will program them to work together here at our facility.

Wireless Andon Manual is committed to bringing you innovative signal devices and industrial work lights. These wireless Andon Stations are one more way that we fulfill that commitment. Let us help you with your visual factory project. 

custom wireless andon systems with remote controls

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