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Wireless Andon

Wireless Andon

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Wireless Andon Lights with Controls

The RC line of wireless Andon lights is designed to be flexible and easy to configure for your application. 

The RCSL60C lights have buttons on the front that control the light and other lights that are on the same team. 

These wireless andon lights can be ordered with one to five light levels. They have built-in buzzers that can be enabled or not. The red light can flash or be ordered to stay steady red when lit.

This system uses a mesh network that extends the wireless range and makes it more robust than typical wireless systems.

Wireless Andon System with Mesh Network

All of the wireless andon products act as repeaters except the battery-powered unit. This extends the range of the lights and makes the mesh network more robust. No single device acts as a hub. Hub-based systems rely on the hub for communications. If the hub goes down the whole system will go down. Stack-Light's system is redundant. If any one device goes down, the other devices will continue to work. 

Components in the system can be mixed and matched to form teams of lights that share the mesh network while operating independently. The wireless components have built-in WiFi that works independently of the Wi-Fi in your facility. This makes the system secure and easier to implement. 

The RC-M controller can work with any of our wireless status lights.  It has lighted buttons that indicate the status of the stack light that may be located out of the line of sight. This controller is powered by a standard 110V plug.

RC-M Wireless Andon Light Controller

The RC-B controller is powered by two AAA batteries. This controller is often used on forklifts or for applications where an electrical outlet is not available. The RC-B controller's buttons do not light up. This conserves battery power. 

Traffic Light Remote Control

RC-B Andon Light Remote Control

Both controller models can operate multiple wireless status lights. The controllers can also be used in tandem. You could have two or more remote control units and operate one or several lights. All of the lights and buttons can be synced together. For instance, If a tower light is set to red in one location, the buttons on the controllers and tower lights will all turn red in the other locations. There can be multiple systems that operate independently in each facility.

The RC-IO unit allows you to activate the wireless Tower Lights using a PLC or your switches. These are often used to add an Andon light to an existing piece of machinery that is located in a remote area. For instance, a CNC machine may have a stack light already installed but a 2nd one is needed out of sight of the machine. The RC-IO device can be used to activate the remotely located Stack Light. 

Andon System with Bingo Board is committed to innovation. We strive to bring you high-quality and innovative industrial lighting products. Let us help you with your wireless project. 

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