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Andon Gateway & Software

Andon Gateway & Software

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Map Module


Wireless Andon System Gateway

The RC-COM is a powerful tool that makes it easy to display the status of your wireless Andon system on a PC or an overhead Andon Bingo Board.

The Gateway comes with the Stack Light Commandeer program. This Andon display software provides alerts to issues with the manufacturing process or quality issues. This empowers team members to respond quickly to quality control issues and prevent stopping the production line.

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Andon System Software.

The Commander Gateway works with Windows-based computers through a USB port. Each gateway acts as an andon monitor. It detects and tracks the status of up to thirty wireless stack lights to show them on a wireless andon board. 

Wireless Andon Gateway

Wireless Andon Gateway

The RC-COM Commander Gateway comes with the Stack-Light Commander andon light software. The standard Commander program has the Bingo Board enabled to monitor the production process.

Andon Signals are bi-directional. When an operator triggers an andon signal, the corresponding light will be displayed on the andon monitoring system. The andon software can also turn on lights located on the shop floor.

Wireless Andon Bingo Board

Andon Bingo Board

The Bingo Board Program is ideal for use with a large monitor hanging in a factory or control room. A manager or maintenance person can also use it on their desktop computer. The Bingo board adjusts for the number of lights in the system and the number of levels on each light.

Wireless Andon System Bingo Board

The Andon board software enables users to easily change the names of the wireless lights being monitored. You can move the lights around on the andon display system to suit your unique project.

You can upgrade the Stack Light Commander program by adding the Map module. Enabling the Map feature makes it easy to see the real-time data for your plant floor.

You can load a drawing of your facility into the commander program. You can show the lights' status on the map in the same way they are positioned on your plant floor. The color-coded lights help users easily see Andon alerts and know where help is needed.

Wireless Andon with Map

Mapped Wireless Andon Communication System

The Map feature lets you respond quickly to product quality problems and increase production.

Stack-Light's Wireless light system can be configured in a variety of ways. One transmitter can control multiple wireless andon lights or multiple transmitters can control one light. This system is flexible making it easy to design for your unique application. 

The wireless devices use a mesh network. Each device has a range of around 100-150 feet. The range can be affected by walls and other obstacles. However, the range can be extended with repeaters or other Stack-Light wireless devices.

Stack-Light Mesh Network

The beauty of the Mesh Network is that the signaling is passed between devices. The signal will find the most efficient path to a wireless unit. Adding devices can extend the range and make the network more robust. One facility can have multiple networks. 

We are here to help with your continuous improvement projects. We can help select a simple Andon call system or help design a more advanced system with Andon software for a PC.

We can often save customers time by helping them pick the proper devices and offering helpful ideas. We pride ourselves on providing superior customer support. We love to help.

Wireless Andon Lights


Wireless Andon Tower Bingo Board Help

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