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Andon, Stack Lights, and Status Lights

Stack lights and Andons are frequently used on automated machinery or in manufacturing settings. They are an essential part of lean manufacturing environments. They provide real-time status for quality issues and let you respond quickly to avoid stopping the line uses high-quality LED lights that are bright long-lasting and energy efficient. All lights have an optional audible alarm that users can trigger as needed.

  • SL60 Andon Lights - These can be customized and adjusted to suit your specific needs. Each level can be a unique color, with options ranging from one to five levels. We offer both 24V DC and 110V AC models. The lights include a built-in 85dB audible alarm.
  • MC50 Status Light - This MC50 multicolor status light can turn red, green, and yellow while using a single LED bulb. This makes these tower lights sleek and attractive. Each Light is equipped with a buzzer and they can be set to flash or be steady.
  • MC60 LED Tower Light - This light can change between green, red, and yellow. They have a sleek appearance and are made for industrial environments. They are mounted with the screws at the base that are hidden once installed. They come with a built-in buzzer.
  • SLM Andon - These LED Andon lights are made with an anodized aluminum housing and are made to be rugged. They have a built-in 85dB buzzer. There are three sections of the light that each turn a different color. They have a swivel at the base and can be mounted vertically or horizontally.  
  • SLM48 Machine Status Light - These lights are slightly smaller than the other SLM lights. They can turn red, green, or amber. They include a buzzer. They are often mounted on machinery as part of a production management system.
  • SL30 Miniature Stack Light - These compact stack lights come with three tiers: Red, Green, and Yellow. They can be installed in spaces where other lights cannot. They feature an integrated buzzer that can be configured to sound an alarm when the light turns red. These are perfect for small machines, providing operators with real time status of machinery.
  • SBSL60 Andon Stations - This stand-alone 110V Andons comes pre-assembled and ready to put to work. You can order the systems from 1 to 5 levels high. Each light is controlled by its own independent switch or Andon push button.
  • SBSL60 Andon System - This Andon light is just like the SBSL60, but you can move the lights away from the controller. A cable connects the control box to the light tower. The standard cable between the andon buttons and lights is 6 feet long.
  • SLMD Tower Light - These signal lights are rugged LED Status lights. They are built with anodized aluminum housing making them perfect for industrial machinery or production lines. They are often used on CNC machines and Automation. 
  • SLM5 Tower Light - This LED tower light is built with a metal housing. It can be mounted vertically or horizontally. It uses five high-intensity LEDs that are red, yellow, green, blue, and white. It is powered by 24 volts DC. 
  • LB Andon Bar Light - These linear andon lights are unique. Since they are long they are ideal for use over doors on machinery or entrances to rooms. They are also often used on workstations to let management see the status of operations with a glance. One common application is over assembly stations that employ lean manufacturing methods.
  • ILTC-50 & 30 Multicolor Indicator - These round status lights come in two sizes. 50 mm and 30mm. They can fit in many locations that tall andon lights can not. They are rugged and can be used in wash-down environments.
  • ILTCB -These round status lights can turn red, green, or amber. They come with a built-in buzzer that can act as an audible alarm 
  • SL50 LED Stack Light  - This is our most economical 3-level stack light. It comes in a 3-level configuration with a built-in buzzer. These lights are nonconfigurable. However, for standard andon applications, they can be a budget-friendly choice. 
  • WL100 Warning Light - These Red alert lights are designed to capture your attention. They are available in both 110V AC and 24V DC variants. 
  • ILMC Multicolor Status Lights - These status lights are shaped like a button. They can turn from 3 to 7 colors. based on the model you select. They are perfect for control cabinets and automated machinery.
  • SL60USB USB Andon - These lights are powered and controlled using a regular USB cable. They are the perfect status light for cash registers and applications or Automated equipment that has a USB port. 

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