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CNC Machine Lights 

Stack-Light.com offers a variety of industrial lighting for workstations, automation, and CNC machinery. We are standing by to help you select the right light for your application. Give us a call and let us help.

LED Machine Lighting is useful in manufacturing environments or for workstation lighting. These lights use the latest LED technology. These lights are energy efficient, super bright, and long-lasting. They are made for 

MWL-RThese Lights are robust and made for harsh environments. They are IP67-rated and can be washed down under high pressure. These are ideal for industrial machinery lighting where the lights need to be washed down.

MWL-Q - These lights are great for applications where the light needs to be recessed into a workstation are a piece of machinery. These are IP67 rated for harsh environments.

MLL-TS - These lights are IP67 Rated. They come with adjustable brackets to angle the light to a specific position. 

MWL-P - These machine lights are wider than other linear lights. This allows the light to be more even across a broader area. These can be washed down and are IP67 rated. 

BL9 - LED work lights are perfect for work cells or general workshop lighting. They can be specified in four lengths. Select the size to fit your unique application. This light comes with mounting hardware that lets the light pivot to focus the light to the work area. These are IP65 rated and can be washed down. 

WL-GS - These lights are an economical choice for applications that do not need to be washed down. These are perfect for electrical cabinets are assembly workstations. 

Stack-Light.com is standing by to assist with your Machine Lighting selection. Call now and let us help.