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We carry a large variety lighting for industrial machinery. Many of the lights can be washed down making them perfect for CNC, automation or production environments. Call and Let us help.

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LED Lights for Machinery offers a variety of industrial lighting for workstations, automation, and CNC machinery. All lights come equipped with the latest LED technology, making them super bright, long-lasting, and energy efficient. We are standing by to help you select the right light for your application.

BL9 - The BL9 lights are rugged and bright. They are good for use on CNC machines or workstation lighting. They are housed in an aluminum body making them durable for industrial environments. Adjustable brackets are included to make it easy to direct the light where it is needed most. They are made for wash-down applications. 110V AC, 220V AC and 24V DC versions are available.

WL-GS These are perfect for control cabinets and electrical cabinet lighting. They use high-efficiency LEDs which are very bright. They come with a rocker switch to turn them on and off.  Mounting hardware is included. These are 110V AC.

MWL-P These are designed to be mounted to a flat horizontal or vertical surface. They work well on CNC machinery or assembly stations.  They are IP67 for wash-down applications and are coolant and detergent-resistant.  Available in 24V DC.

MWL-R These machine work lights are made for harsh environments. They are IP67-rated and perfect for wash-down applications. These lights are often referred to as tube lights.  They use high-performance LED lighting technology which makes them bright and long-lasting. 24V DC, 110V and 220V AC versions are available. 

MWL-TS These linear machine lights are often used on industrial machinery or in harsh wash-down environments. They are IP67-rated and are powered by 24V DC.

MWL-Q This light is designed to be recessed into a panel so it sits flush.  It is IP67-rated and works well in harsh wet environments. These are powered by 24V DC.

MWL-FH These are wider than the other lights and are super bright. They can light a large area and make great workbench lights. They are designed to be thin to fit into a tight space. They are housed in a sealed aluminum enclosure and are IP67-rated and 24V DC.

Stack Light is committed to providing the latest lighting technologies to the industrial market. We are standing by to help with your machinery lighting project. Give us a call now! We love to help.

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