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Water Proof Machine Work Lights

Water Proof Machine Work Lights

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Industrial Panel Lights - IP67, 24VDC

 Wash down Machine Work Lights IP67

The MWL-FH LED Lights are designed for use on industrial machinery.  They use bright, energy-efficient, and long-lasting LEDs. These are waterproof IP67, oil-resistant, and suitable for harsh machine shop environments. These lights are thin to make them easy to fit into tight locations. 

These come with a 1.5M cable that plugs in with a M12 connector. Other cable lengths can be purchased if needed. They are powered by 24V DC. 

Typical Applications. 

Machine Shop Work Lights

CNC Machinery Lighting

Automated Equipment Lighting

Washdown Work Lighting

EDM Machine Lighting



MWL-FH-120x300-L      -  120mm Wide x 300mm Long

MWL-FH-120x495-L      -  120mm Wide x 495mm Long

MWL-FH-120x650-L      -  120mm Wide x 650mm Long

MWL-FH-180x375-L      -  180mm Wide x 375mm Long

MWL-FH-180x700-L      -  180mm Wide x 700mm Long


MWL-FH-120x300-L      -  20W

MWL-FH-120x495-L      -  32W

MWL-FH-120x650-L      -  50W

MWL-FH-180x375-L      -  45W

MWL-FH-180x700-L      -  70W


MWL-FH-120x300-L     2400 lm

MWL-FH-120x495-L      3840 lm

MWL-FH-120x650-L      6000 lm

MWL-FH-180x375-L      5400 lm

MWL-FH-180x700-L     8400 lm


Light Temp - 6,000K x 6500K

Expected Life - 50,000 hours

Cord Length - 1.5M

Cord Type - M12 Connector

IP Rating - IP67

Operating Temp  -25C to 55C

MWL-FH Machine Work Light SpecsMWL-FH Machine Work Light Specifications carries a wide variety of Machne Work Lights and Andon Products. We can also build custom lights to fit your unique application. Call Now! We love to help.

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