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Andon Tower Lights have many applications. They can be used as status lights for industrial machinery or as indicator lights for factories. They are often used as Tower lights in Lean manufacturing environments and referred to as Andon Lights. We provide high-quality industrial lights that are equipped with the latest LED technology. The LED Indicator lights are bright and long-lasting. All lights have an audible alarm that can be triggered as needed.

SL60 - LED Andon Lights can be ordered up to 5 levels high and configured to work for your project.

MC50 - LED Status Lights can turn RED, Green, and yellow. Each Light is equipped with a buzzer and State of the art LED.

MC60 - Machine Status lights can turn RED, Green, and Yellow. They come with a built-in 85dB audible alarm and are an attractive addition to any machine or production line.

SLM - Tower Lights are made from anodized aluminum and are both durable and elegant. They have a built-in buzzer and can turn Red, Green, and Yellow. 

SL30 - Mini Andon Lights are capable of turning Red, Green, or Yellow. They have a built-in buzzer and are perfect for smaller machinery or for robotic applications.

SBSL60 - This stand-alone 110V Andon System comes pre-assembled and ready to use. The systems can be ordered from 1 to 5 levels high. Each light is controlled by its own independent switch. The Signal Light control box is attached to the tower lights so this system is ideal for applications where the tower lights and control switches need to be located together. 

SBSL60R - This Andon Station is identical to the SBSL60 system with the added ability to position the Signal device switches in a different location than the tower lights. A cable connects the switch box to the signal light tower. The standard cable is 6 feet long. The Andon system can be ordered with a custom-length cable. Call for this and other options. 

Work Shop Lights are useful in industry or for home use. They can be installed anywhere that extra light is needed. All of our task lights come equipped with very bright LED Light sources that use the latest LED technology. This makes these lights energy efficient, very bright and long-lasting. 

SP3S-BM is a flexible gooseneck light that allows the light to be directed precisely where the light is needed most. These lights are great for intricate task lighting or inspection stations. This light comes in 24V and 110V versions. It has a built-in switch located on the top.

BL9 LED Washdown Light is perfect for workstations. It can be ordered in four different lengths to fit your specific lighting application. It is can pivot to direct the light precisely as needed. It comes in 24V and 110V versions. The BL9 is IP65 rated making it ideal for equipment that is damp or receives washdowns.

ML2 Machine work light. This work light has a flexible arm that makes it simple to position the light exactly where it is needed most. The arm is rugged and will hold the light in place until it needs to be repositioned. This gooseneck task light is ideal for manual lathes, milling machines, saws, and other shop equipment lighting applications. It is IP65-rated for wet environments. It has a built-in switch.

ML1 Machine task light. IP65 is rated for machinery lighting. Adjustable pivot for directional lighting. These lights have a built-in switch and a handle to make them easy to position. These lights are often used in applications where the light will be positioned and left in place. Typical uses are inside CNC machines, Inject molding machines, 3D printing machines, and other smaller manufacturing equipment.

LED Indicators and Status Lights

IL-E LED Indicator light for control panels and machinery. These lights fit into a 22mm hole. They can be ordered as Red, Green, Amber, Blue, and White. A built-in screw clamp makes these indicator lights easy to wire.

If you do not find the lighting product that you need on our website or have a custom lighting application, please call us. We can often build a custom lighting system for your project or we may be able to source the hard-to-find lights that you are looking for. We are always happy to help with your project. 

Most products ship within 24 Hours.