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Tower Light - Multicolor

Tower Light - Multicolor

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Flashes When Red


LED Andon Light for Industry and Office Environments

The MC50 is a cost-effective status light. Their sleek modern appearance makes them a good choice for industrial, retail, and office environments. This one light can turn red green or yellow. 

MC50 3 color LED Signal Device


Every multicolor light has an 85dB audible alarm. You can activate or disable the buzzer.

The Indicator lights use state-of-the-art LED's. They are long-lasting, bright, and energy efficient.

Manufacturing teams often use these as part of continuous improvement projects. They can bring attention to quality control issues so that maintenance can quickly respond.

These lights are more attractive and less industrial-looking than a standard stack light. Retail and office environments use them because of their modern aesthetic. You can install them on cash registers as a checkout light. or use them as an Andon light in a warehouse.

The MC50 tower light has several mounting options to select from.

Multi-Color Tower Light - MC50


The pedestal base model is for applications where you will attach the tower light to a horizontal surface. 

The Swivel mount version is perfect for situations where the light needs to be mounted on a vertical surface or tilted.

You can also specify the MC50 Light with a 90-degree bracket. If the light is ordered with the bracket option, it will come with a 14.25-inch pole

The wires for the light pass out of the bottom of the pedestal and swivel mounts. This makes it possible to hide the wires from the light to the controls. The bases have a removable mouse hole on the side. This enables running wires out the side of the base if necessary.

The MC50 industrial tower light comes equipped with a 6.5-inch pole. We carry three standard-length poles. These are 2", 6.75", 14.25" and 66". We can also make custom poles if needed.

You can change the andon lights and buzzer to pulse or be steady. This is done with dip switches located under the clear cover and diffuser. You can twist off these covers to gain access to the switches.

Stack Light Dip Switch Settings

1.     Move down to disable  Buzzer pulse.

2.     Move down to make Red Light Flash

3.     Move down to make Green Light Flash

4.     Move down to make Yellow Light Flash

Download Status Light Switch Settings

Wiring Diagram for MC50 Stack Light

MC50 Tower Light Specifications 

  • Configurable for your application
  • High visibility 
  • Multi-color indicator light can turn Red, Green, or Yellow
  • Built-in Alarm Buzzer
  • Long-lasting LED light Est. 50,000 hours
  • Durable Construction
  • Low Power Consumption
  • 24V DC or 110V-220V AC/DC versions are available
  • Pedestal Mounting or optional Swivel Mounting is available
  • 50 mm diameter indicator light x 12”-13.5” tall
  • IP53 rated
  • Easy Installation
  • 1-year warranty

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