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Andon Mounting Bracket

Andon Mounting Bracket

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Bracket for LED Andon Lights

The A-SL90 bracket is a simple solution for mounting stack lights, light towers, and Andon systems. This bracket can be used to mount on most vertical surfaces using two screws.

This light tower bracket will fit the SL60 and MC50 Andon tower lights.

The bracket comes as a kit and includes nuts and washers to attach to the tower light pole.

This bracket only works on poles with a threaded end. If you are trying to retrofit an existing tower light system so that it can be mounted on a vertical surface rather than a horizontal surface, check the pole to assure that the end is threaded.

If the end is not threaded the ASW tower light swivel mount is the best option. These pivot mounts can be ordered in black or white.

swivel mounting for tower lights and andon systems

They can be used to orient the signal light from 0 to 90 degrees. These mounting bases can be a slightly more expensive option but are more attractive and can be used to mount your stack light on a vertical or horizontal surface.  

andon light swivel base drawing A-SL90 mounting hardware drawing

Call us to discuss the best mounting solutions for your project.

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