We carry a large variety of Stack Lights, Andon Lights and Work Lights. We can also build custom solutions for your project. Call and Let us help.

Collection: Accessories carries a variety of spare parts and accessories. These items will help you complete your lighting project and repair your existing lights. 

  • M12 Mini Quick connect cords sets
  • Tower Light Mounting Hardware
  • Status Light pedestal mounts
  • Status Light Swivel mounts
  • Stack Light Extension Rods
  • Custom Andon Rods
  • Replacement Status Light Lens covers
  • Power Cords
  • Replacement LED Bulbs
  • Control Boxes
  • Cable Glands
  • Selector knobs
  • Indicator Lights 
  • Mounting Brackets and hardware
  • 1 hole control boxes
  • 2 hole control boxes
  • 3 hole control boxes
  • 4 hole control boxes
  • 5 hole control boxes
  • Mounting Hardware

If you find that the accessory or spare part that you are looking for is not listed. Please reach out to us through the contact page or by phone. We will be glad to help.