Industrial Lighting

We carry a large variety of Stack Lights, Andon Lights and Work Lights. We can also build custom solutions for your project. Call and Let us help.

Stack-Lights and Lighted Signal Devices have many uses. They can be used as indicator lights for automated machinery or as status lights in production facilities. They are often called Andon lights and are used in Lean manufacturing environments.'s lights use high-quality LEDs. The Indicator lights are bright and long-lasting. All lights are equipped with an audible alarm that can be triggered as needed.

SL60 - Andon Lights can be ordered and configured to fit your application. They come in from one to five levels.

MC50 - LED Stack Lights contain one light that can turn RED, Green, and yellow. Each Light is equipped with a buzzer and state-of-the-art LED.

MC60 - These Status Lights can change colors to three colors Green, Red, and Yellow. They come with a built-in buzzer and are an attractive addition to any machine or production line.

SLM - LED Tower Lights are made with an anodized aluminum housing and are durable and attractive. They have a built-in alarm and have three levels Red, Green, and Yellow. 

SLM48 - Machine Status Lights. LED turns Red, Green, or Yellow. Ideal for an industrial status signal. Built-in 95dB buzzer.

SL30 - These Mini Stack Lights have three levels. Red, Green, or Yellow. They have a built-in buzzer and are ideally suited for small machines.

SBSL60 - This stand-alone 110V Andons comes pre-assembled and ready to use. The systems can be ordered from 1 to 5 levels high. Each light is controlled by its own independent switch. The Signal Light control box is attached to the tower lights so this system is ideal for applications where the tower lights and control switches need to be located together. 

SBSL60R - This Andon System is identical to the SBSL60 system with the added ability to position the Signal device switches in a different location than the tower lights. A cable connects the switch box to the signal light tower. The standard cable is 6 feet long. The Andon system can be ordered with a custom-length cable. Call for this and other custom options. 

SLMD - These status lights are housed in a metal frame and are perfect for industrial machinery like CNC machines and Automated equipment. 

SL50 - These stack lights are 24V and are three levels. They use state-of-the-art LED technology. The lights are Red, Amber, and Green. 

SLM5 - Led Andon Light with metal housing and high-Intensity LEDs.  Wiring can be wired PNP or NPN. 24V.

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