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Push Button Enclosure 22mm

Push Button Enclosure 22mm

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Push Button Control Box 22mm

The CB-P line of polycarbonate enclosures has a variety of uses. They can be ordered with one to five 22mm holes. The holes are made to accept push buttons or switches. Each hole is keyed so switches can be locked in place to prevent rotation. There is a small indention to the left of each hole that can be used for a label. The enclosures are made from These features make these enclosures ideal for use as switch control stations. 

These control station enclosures are used on many of the products manufactured by They can be ordered as replacements for our Andon control stations or to be used on your project. 

If you have a need for a custom control box. We carry a large selection of push-button enclosures, pilot lights, lighted pushbuttons, buzzers, rotary switches, and relays. We can build a custom control cabinet or control pendant specifically for your application. 


remote control Andon control

Remote Control for Andon Lights

custom control box

Custom Control Box with Switches is here to help you with all of your industrial lighting, tower lights, Andon system, and custom signal device needs.  Call us with your idea and let us help. 678-288-9678

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