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Industrial Machinery Tube Light

Industrial Machinery Tube Light

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Harsh Environment LED Bar Light

The MWL-R lines of lights are designed for industrial applications. They are waterproof and IP67-rated to withstand high-pressure washdowns with coolants and detergents. These are manufactured from Anodized aluminum. The MWL-R LED lights are the perfect lights for CNC machinery or industrial machinery.

water proof machine light

 Advanced LED Technology makes These lights super bright and long-lasting. These lights can be ordered in 24V AC/DC, 110V AC, and 220V AC versions.

They are easy to mount using the brackets that are included. The bracket is adjustable to allow the light to be rotated to focus the light where it is needed most.

LED Light Bracket

The MWL-R LED work lights are available in four lengths 300mm, 400mm, 600mm, and 800mm. All lights come with a 6-foot cord.


Power:             300mm = 7W

                        400mm = 12w

                        600mm = 16w

                        800mm = 20w


Lumens:          300mm = 840lm

                        400mm = 1440lm

                        600mm = 1920lm

                        800mm = 2400lm

 Beam Angle = 110 degree

Temperature Range: 6000K - 6500K

Material – Anodized Aluminum, Tempered Glass

Working Temp / Humidity -20-45 C, 10%-90%

CRI >80

IP67  is committed to being the work light supplier of choice. We are standing by to help with your lighting projects. 


CNC Light Drawing Drawing for MWL-R


robust machine lights



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