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Large Multicolor Indicator Light

Large Multicolor Indicator Light

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90mm Three-Color Indicator Light

Large Indicator Light with Buzzer


This is the largest of the ILTC multi-color LED indicator lights. This light is 3.5 inches (90mm) in diameter.  It can change between Red, Green, or Yellow.

The ILTC models are IP67 rated making them washdown capable. They are perfect for wet environments. 

The ILTC-090 comes in two models. One has an audible alarm built in and one does not. The buzzer is 85db. 

The 3-color indicators come as a kit. The kit includes an M12 cord set and an adjustable bracket. The Cord is 39 inches long.

Signal Light Bracket



24V DC
Wiring PNP or NPN
Cord 39" 1M Long
Lifespan 50,000 Hours
ILTC-090 Indicator Light Specs


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