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LED Indicator Light - Three Color

LED Indicator Light - Three Color

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Multi Color Indicator Light

The ILTC-W lights are perfect for applications where a small light is needed to indicate the status of an event. These come in two sizes 50mm and 30mm. They can be washed down and are rated IP67. 

Small 3 color status lights

These lights can be used outdoors and are built to be rugged. They are constructed with an aluminum housing and a PC Plastic lens.  The cable is 6 feet long.

These can also be ordered with a buzzer. The ILTCB version has an audible alarm built in. This version is rated IP30 and can not be used outdoors or washed down. 

Status Light with Audible Alarm

3W 50mm, 2 W 30mm
30mm Version 12V-24V
50 mm  Version, 24V DC
Input Current 30 to 50mA for each color
Working Temperature -20 – 45 degrees C
CE Certification
Expected Life – 50,000 hours
Rating IP67
Materials – Aluminum and PC Plastic Cover


Round Status Light ILTC

  ILTC-W-30 Specification Sheet

Round Status Light ILTC

 ILTC-W-50 Specification Sheet carries a wide range of Industrial lights. We can also build lights that are custom for your application. If you need help finding the perfect light for your project, give us a call. We are happy to help. 

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