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MACHINE STATUS LIGHT signal works with 24V
MACHINE STAUS LIGHT for industrial machinery

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Machine Status Light - SLM48

  • $72.25

Specification Sheet
Specification Sheet

LED Status Light

The SLM48 Status light is ideal for use on CNN machines, Injection molding equipment, or other industrial machinery. These Status lights are unique in that one light can turn green, red, or yellow. Each light includes a 95db buzzer that can be activated if needed.

Machinery status light

The SLM48 machinery status lights are designed with a special lens to be highly visible from any direction. They are very durable and the body is constructed from anodized aluminum. This makes these lights attractive and the perfect choice for industrial machinery. 

The SLM48 is for 24V applications and can be wired PNP or NPN. These lights use the latest LED technology which makes them both energy efficient and long-lasting.


Buzzer Included

Light source - LED

Input Voltage 24V

Input Current 60-200mA

Full Power 4W

Working Temp -20 to 45 Deg. C

IP Rating 50

Audible Alarm Volume - 95dB

Life Span - 50,000 hours

Andon SpecificationSLM48 Staus light Specification is here to help. If you have any questions about this light or need help selecting the perfect status or An don light for your application, please call us. We are here to help.


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