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Indicator Lights - 7 Color

Indicator Lights - 7 Color

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Indicator Light - 7 colors in one light

The ILMC series lights are capable of turning seven colors.  These unique status lights can turn Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Cyan, Purple or White. These come in 30mm and 50mm versions. They are powered by 24V DC. 

7 Color Status Light

These are designed for use where sanitation is a primary concern. They are rated IP67K. They also work well for applications where space is limited. Only one light is needed to show seven colors This conserves control panel space.


3 color indicator light with cable

The lights come with a 5' M12 cable and a bracket for easy mounting. The indicator lights can also be panel mounted in a 22mm or 30mm hole.  


Rating - IP69K
24V DC
Colors Red, Green, Yellow
Connector M12, 5 foot long
Operating Temperature  -25C - +55C
Estimated Life 50,000 Hours
360 Viewable3 color lights in stock


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