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Linear Andon Light

Linear Andon Light

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Multicolor Bar Light

The LB line of Signal lights has many uses. They can be used on CNC machinery or automated equipment to signal the machine's status. This one light can turn Red, Green, or Yellow.  They can also be used over doorways to signal when it is safe to enter a room. 

Status Lights Linear 24V 3 color

These Andon Bar Lights come in four lengths. The lengths are as follows.

300mm (11.8")

500mm ( 19.7")

800mm (31.5")

1200mm (47.2")

They are powered by 24V. The body is  Aluminum and the light diffuser is acrylic.

3 color linear signal light bracket

They can be attached with clips that are provided or attached with screws through the slots that are built into the housing. 


Power - 24V DC

Rating - IP20

Light Colors - Red, Green, Amber

Temperature Range - +55 to -25C

Expected Life  - 50,000 hours

Lamp Shade Acrylic

Body Aluminum


Part #

Red Light

Yellow Light

Green Light


















Bar Light Andon Document

Linear Andon Specifications is committed to being your industrial lighting vendor of choice. We are standing by to help with your project. Give us a call and let us assist. 

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