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Wireless Andon Station Starter Kit - RC-KIT

Wireless Andon Station Starter Kit - RC-KIT

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Wireless Status Light Kit 

The RC-KIT starter kit is comprised of a wireless light and a remote that come programmed to work as a team. This makes it easy to get started with this wireless technology. Other wireless Andon Lights, Controllers, and wireless components can be added in the future. 

Wireless Andon Kit

These lights come configured with the red light set to flashing and a buzzer that is activated when the red light is on. The light can be set to steady and the buzzer can be disabled with dip switches.

This advanced wireless Andon station kit allows for customizable remote control of up to five color-coded status lights. These include an audible alarm that can be enabled or disabled with a dip switch

Stack-Light's wireless lights can be configured in multiple ways. The system features a mesh network for increased range and robustness.


The RC wireless lights have their own wireless wifi system, eliminating the need for IT department involvement. This allows for simplified installation, as the system operates independently from your existing WiFi network.

The RCSL60 version does not have buttons on the front. This item is suitable for locations that require one-way communication. It can be ordered with one to five lights, each including an audible alarm that can be activated at the user's discretion.

Choose between two remote control options. The RC-M controller is powered by a standard 110V outlet. These units feature synchronized lights on the cover. This makes it easy to know the status of the lights that are being controlled. 

Battery Powered Andon Control

The RC-B controller is battery-powered. These can be utilized when power is not accessible or the device must be relocated occasionally. In order to conserve battery life these units enter sleep mode. With a single press of a button, they can be reawakened and send a message to the Mesh network, directing an Andon light to activate before returning to sleep. Please note that these do not have indicator lights to preserve power and can not act as a repeater.

 The RC-KIT Wireless Andon Station Starter Kit allows for controlling multiple wireless stack lights. For example, an RC-M controller can activate the signal light on wireless stack lights located throughout a facility, such as in a warehouse, office, or maintenance office. With lighted buttons, the RC-M controller displays the state of all the lights. Additional controllers can be added to the system as needed.

Andon Mesh Network


Our Wireless Stack Light system utilizes a powerful Mesh Network that offers numerous benefits. Adding more devices extends the system's strength and range The range between any two devices is 125 feet or more. As long as any two Wireless Andon units are within range of each other, messaging is relayed. Additionally, our unique system allows for independent operation of the units, while still sharing the same Mesh Network. This makes the system highly flexible.

When the tower lights and wireless controllers are ordered together as a team. This makes them plug and play.

Wireless Stack Light System Technical Document

Let us assist you in finding the perfect Andon system for your project, whether it's one of our wireless Andon Stations or a custom-built system just for you. At, we are committed to helping you build the perfect lighting solution for your project. 

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