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Wireless Andon Light with Remote

Wireless Andon Light with Remote

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Andon Light with Remote Control

The RC-KIT starter kit includes a wireless stack light and remote paired to work together. This kit simplifies getting started with wireless Andon technology. You can add other wireless lights and controllers in the future. 

Wireless Andon Kit

These wireless Andon station kits can be ordered with one to five colored lights. The LED stack lights use state-of-the-art technology to be bright, long-lasting, and energy efficient.

Each light has an 85dB built-in audible alarm. You can turn the built-in buzzer off or on with dip switches located on the light.

You can expand your system with additional wireless stack lights, Controllers, and other wireless components. This flexibility allows you to customize your Andon station to work for your unique project.

Overhead Andon Display

You can view the status of the lights on the Stack Light Commander. This Visual Factory software. runs on a PC and can be displayed on an overhead Bingo board or a desktop computer.

Andon Display System

Andon Software on PC

The lights can be controlled in several ways. You can activate them using Andon remotes, other remote Andons, and the stack light commander program. You can also use your own PLC, machinery, or switches to control the lights through a wireless Input/ Output.

The RC-IO has wireless inputs and outputs. When an input triggers, it can turn on a remote stack light or other equipment.

You can connect the wireless IO units to production equipment or a PLC. The machines can then activate wireless tower lights not in the line of sight equipment.


Mesh Networked Andon System

Wireless Andon using Mesh Network

The system uses a Mesh Network. The range between any two devices is 100-150 feet. As you add more wireless devices, the system becomes more robust and extends the range of all the devices.


Wireless Andon System

Wireless Andon Light System is committed to continual improvement. Let us assist you in designing a wireless Andon system for your project.

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